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Gum Disease | Elite Perio | Periodontist, Dental Implants
Gum Disease

Your gums are like cushions for your teeth; they surround the tooth from its crown to its root in the jaw and help to support a healthy mouth. Looking after your gums is just as important as looking after your teeth, and without routine cleaning gum disease can occur.

Gum Recession | Elite Perio | Periodontist, Gum Disease, Dental Implants
Gum Recession

Gingival recession or gum recession is a dental condition characterized by shrinking gums, which expose the roots of the teeth, potentially creating a variety of oral health problems. 

Hygiene Treatments | Elite Perio | Periodontist, Gum Disease, Dental Implants
Hygiene Treatments

After the initial treatment by Dr Syed or any periodontist. It is important for patients to understand that they must continue to receive “maintenance treatments”. These are usually only 3 or 6 monthly visits. This is to ensure the gum disease or periodontitis does not return.

Dental Implants | Elite Perio | Periodontist, Gum Disease
Dental Implants

If you have you lost all or some of your natural teeth, then a dental implant may be what you need. Dental implants are small metal screws that are placed in the jaw in place of a missing tooth. 

Soft-Tissue Grafting | Elite Perio | Periodontist, Gum Disease, Dental Implants
Soft-Tissue Grafting

Soft tissue grafting is dental procedure that is often necessary to combat gum recession. The leading causes gum recession are periodontal disease, trauma, aging, over brushing, and poor tooth positioning.

Bone Grafting | Elite Perio | Periodontist, Gum Disease, Dental Implants
Bone Grafting

Those who have worn dentures for years are likely to have suffered bone loss. This does not mean you are unable to receive dental implants; you can still have successful implant surgery through a clinically proven procedure called bone grafting.

Crown Lengthening | Elite Perio | Periodontist, Gum Disease
Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is usually performed to improve the health of the gum tissue, prepare the mouth for a procedure, or correct a “gummy smile”. A “gummy smile” is used to describe an instance where teeth are covered with excess gum tissue resulting in a less aesthetically pleasing smile.

Sinus Lifts | Elite Perio | Periodontist, Gum Disease
Sinus Lifts

If you’ve worn dentures for an extended period of time in your upper jaw, the bone will have receded, rendering it difficult to undergo implant treatment and giving your face a sunken appearance. A sinus lift makes use of the contours of your face to provide a second chance at the functionality and reliability of dental implants.

Perio For Ortho | Elite Perio | Periodontist, Gum Disease, Dental Implants
Perio For Ortho

Elite Perio is a specialist periodontal dental clinic, our principal periodontist Dr Mahnaz Syed specialises in periodontal (gum) treatment and dental implants. Dr Syed has over 14 years’ experience as a periodontist and works closely with other specialists such as your orthodontist, ensuring that you as a patient receive the best clinical treatment possible.

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