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Terms & Conditions

All of our patients should be aware of our terms and conditions:
  • Management has the right to refuse treatment of a patient who is acting in an aggressive, uncooperative manner or any behaviour that the clinician or that management determine will effective treatment.

  • Management has the right to refuse or cease treatment to any patient who has outstanding accounts

  • All accounts are to be paid on the day of completed treatment

  • Deposits will be ask to be paid in advance for when lab fees are applied or for any treatment where the practice has to order customised parts, for example dental implants.

  • If a patient fails to pay an account, the account may be subject to interest.

  • If a patient fails to pay an account it will be forwarded to our debt collecting agency – in the event it is then forwarded to a collection agency, the commission chargeable by the agency for succesful recovery is added to and forms part of the total debt

  • Cancelations without 24 hours notice will incur a cancelation fee

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