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Complex Dental Implants | Elite Perio | Periodontist, Gum Disease

Complex Dental Implants

Correcting Dental Implant Complications

Implants are the most successful man made tooth replacement. However as will all replacement procedures they do have the potential to have problems in the long term. These problems are reduced if you are on a regular maintenance program with your general dentist or a periodontist. Implant complications can range from pus or discharge with bone loss around the implants to gum recession around the implants. We are finding that more and more patients are getting referred to us after they having problems with implants placed at other surgeries or when they been placed overseas. Dr Syed has been getting fantastic results after she has treated these "implant complications". In the majority of cases these complications can be predictably corrected by re-growing the bone or gums around the implant.



Complex Dental Implant - Before | Elite Perio | Periodontist, Gum Disease


Complex Dental Implant - After | Elite Perio | Periodontist, Gum Disease

This patient  above presented with her dental implant exposed. This was painful for her and was she very unhappy with the way it looked. Dr Syed was able to perform a gum graft which covered the area, restoring her smile and eliminating her pain as you can see.

All dental implant treatments will need to be maintained by your specialist or general dentist to enure that they remain healthy and therefore last as long as possible.

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