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Hygiene Treatments

Maintenance Appointments

After the initial treatment by Dr Syed or any periodontist. It is important for patients to understand that they must continue to receive “maintenance treatments”. These are usually only 3 or 6 monthly visits. This is to ensure the gum disease or periodontitis does not return. At Elite Perio we have our hygienist, who can perform these treatment for you at a reduced cost.

During a hygiene maintenance visit the hygienist works to a plan devised for patients by Dr Syed. The hygienist cleans out the bacterial deposits which develop around the teeth. Maintenance of your gum health is achieved either with the periodontist or with a hygienist and a carefully designed maintenance programme is developed once initial treatment with periodontist is completed. The aim of maintenance treatment is to not only maintain the good results achieved but also encourage further periodontal healing.

Studies show that bacterial recolonisation takes approximately 3 – 4 months to occur and as a periodontally susceptible patient this is a good time frame to be seen. The maintenance visits also allow us to review any early periodontal problems and treat them effectively. These studies also show that patients who are carefully maintained within a periodontal practice have good stability of their post treatment results. Studies also show that, the healing we achieve with your active periodontal treatment can persist for many years, however this is wholly dependent on the patients making and then attending there scheduled maintenance appointments.

Dr Mahnaz Syed

Specialist Periodontist

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