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Perio For Ortho

Perio For Ortho Explained

Elite Perio is a specialist periodontal dental clinic, our principal periodontist Dr Mahnaz Syed specialises in periodontal (gum) treatment and dental implants. Dr Syed has over 14 years’ experience as a periodontist and works closely with other specialists such as your orthodontist, ensuring that you as a patient receive the best clinical treatment possible.

Perio For Ortho Treatments

Laser Gingivectomy

LASER assisted gingivectomy is a treatment for overgrown gums. We use a special LASER designed to trim soft tissue from around the teeth. Overgrown gums can make it difficult to brush teeth and maintain good oral hygiene, by trimming them this helps prevent gum disease developing around the teeth. Overgrown gums can also look unaesthetic as they grow over the normal tooth surfaces making the teeth appear smaller. We undertake the procedure at our specialist practice in Subiaco under local anaesthesia. This procedure is not painful at all. Periodontist Dr Syed will first make the surface of your gums numb with an aesthetic gel and then fully anaesthetise the gums before using the LASER.


A frenectomy is where the periodontist will remove the small skin tag situated under your upper lip. Removing this skin tag is a quick and comfortable procedure. Your orthodontist may wish you to have this done before or after your braces come off. Having this procedure helps your front teeth to stay together after the orthodontic treatment has finished. It will also help lip mobility and oral hygiene. This is done under local anaesthesia with either a laser or small snip to the skin, both ways are comfortable and successful.


An exposure is needed when you have a buried tooth which cannot erupt through the gum by itself. The tooth is trapped into position and simply needs to have the gum trimmed from around it.

The treatment is performed under local anaesthesia with a laser so therefore you will not feel anything during the procedure.


TADS are temporary anchorage devices, they are small titanium anchors used in certain cases to help achieve quicker tooth movement with better comfort and efficiency. An anaesthetic is placed to numb the gums where the TAD will be placed, the periodontist will attach the TAD through the gum into the jaw.


This is a small surgery which is designed to facilitate your tooth movement via orthodontic braces. The periodontist will use an ultrasonic device which creates gaps around the tooth which needs to be moved. The aim is to move the teeth quickly especially, when you have a tooth which has resisted tooth movement or has moved slowly.

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