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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a Health Insurance rebate?

Yes. The amount you get back will depend on the health fund your with and type of cover you have with them. We don’t have the instant rebate system, this means you will have to take the receipt to your health fund and they will reimburse you.

Is there a long waiting list?

As we are a relatively new specialist clinic the waiting times are quite short in comparison with other specialists. We will endeavor to get you to see one of our specialist as soon as we can.

Will Medicare give me a rebate?

No. Some special tests such as CT scans and have a medicare rebate associated with them. As Dr Syed and Dr Oakley are registered specialists you will be eligible for these rebates.

Do you accept Department of Veterans Affairs patients?

Yes. DVA patients will need to bring their file number with them all payments will be directly bulked billed to the DVA.

Do I need a referal from a dentist to come to you?

No. The majority of our patients come to us after they have been referred by their local dentist, however we are happy to accept self referred patients. Keep in mind that our two specialist do not perform all aspects of dentistry.

How much will it cost?

 An initial consult for any of our periodontists is between $135- $270. These prices depending on the type of diagnostic services the specialist have to perform for example, xrays, perio charting, and fabrication of diagnostic models. If you have any of these from previous dental visit you should bring them as it may reduce the cost of the consult. Our consultations include a detailed report back to your referring dentist, we will email a copy of this report to you for your information.

What occurs at the first visit ?

The first visit will always involve a consultation. The consult will involve taking a medical history and performing examinations and measurements. This is to ensure both the clinician and the patient understand what work needs to be done and how much the treatment will cost. Both clinicians will endeavour to give you a treatment plan with costs on the day of the consult, however a lot of the cases that get referred to us are complicated and may need extra time to prepare. In these cases we will book another appointment for a “treatment plan talk” where different treatment plan options will be presented to the patient.