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Dental Implant Process

The Implant Assessment.

Dr Syed will perform a detailed examination prior to planning the implants. She may refer patients for additional x-rays such as a C.T scan which provides important 3D imaging of the implant area. Dr Syed is able to refer you for a C.T scan as she is a specialist and patients will recieve a medicare rebate for this referral. Dr Syed will then plan the implants and liaise with the general dentist for any neceassry treatments such as temporary tooth replacements ensuring that the patients never have missing teeth.

Step 1) Consult – this is where a treatment plan will be devised

Step 2) Preliminary Treatment – this might be extraction or gum treatment to prepare the site

Step 3) Implant placement – this is where the implant is surgical placed into the jaw.

Step 4) Healing process – this can be anywhere between 4 – 8 weeks. A temporary replacement tooth will be made for you

Step 5) The implant crown – or custom made tooth will be made for you at the dental laboratory, this will then be attached to the implant which was surgically placed. Please note as we are a specialist clinical it is common practice for the this last stage to be performed by your referring dentist.

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