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What is a Dental Implant?

Dental Implants replace teeth in their natural position. They are the gold standard of tooth replacement available today.

At Elite Perio as we are a specialist periodontal centre, we have extensive experience in the placement of dental implants.





What are Dental Implants?
Dental Implants are titanium screws used to replace missing teeth.

Why should I have a Dental Implant?
Implants replace teeth in their natural postion. They are the gold standard of tooth replacement available today this is a life changing procedure. In the past when teeth were lost due to being damaged, broken or having absesses the only options were:
1. Bridging -cutting down the adjoiming teeth and suspending a false tooth from them.
2. Dentures – Removable teeth
3. Leaving the gap empty.

Why should we replace teeth?
If teeth are not replaced the adjacent or opposing teeth may move and destabilise the bite. This may be uncomfortable or cause food to catch around the teeth leading to decay or gum disease.

How successful are Dental implants?

In general implants have a success rate of between 95 – 97 per cent in healthy non smokers.

What factors affect success?
1. Health of the patient – certain diseases such as diabetes can further reduce implant success rates.
2. Condition of the jaw bone.
3. Any drugs or medicines taken by the patient.
4. Smoking – this has a very strong negative impact on implant success.

Who should place my implants?
Both general dentists and specialists are able to place implants. However implant treatment is very technically sensitive and requires a great deal of planning. Specialists have the additional skills and knowledge to manage difficult treatments and also provide additional treatments such as bone grafting to reconstruct the jaw prior to placement of implants.

Why choose a Periodontist?
Periodontists have advanced knowledge of bone biology as well as being highly skilled in soft tissue (gum) and hard tissue (bone) reconstructive techniques.

Can I have a tooth on the same day?
It is possible to have an implant placed and have the tooth replacement or crown placed straight away. However this is not always the best treatment option. The periodontist will perform a detailed examination and make all the necessary preparatory steps in order to ensure the best treatment is provided.

Will I be without a tooth?
The periodontist will liaise closely with your general dentist to ensure that patients are never without a tooth replacement.

How long will I need off work to recover (downtime)?  
If 1 implant is placed, it is our experience that patients are able to return to work the day after surgery.

Does it Hurt?
The surgery itself will be painless as Dr Syed will make your mouth numb. Most patients experience minor discomfort after the anaesthetic has worn off which usually only last for 1 day following the surgery. For patients who are very nervous there are a couple of sedation options we can use to make you more comfortable.