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Why go for dental implants in Perth?

There are many factors that cause people to need dental implant treatment. Perhaps your tooth has fallen out as the result of gum disease over time. Maybe it has needed to be extracted, or perhaps you have been unfortunate enough to take a knock to the teeth.

Whatever the cause of the gap in your smile, it can be fixed by going for dental implants in Perth. Here at Elite Perio, we offer implants to suit your specific dental needs, whether that’s one tooth, multiple teeth or all your teeth on both arches.

Prior to treatment, you will have your teeth and jawbone thoroughly examined. This may involve taking an x-ray or scans to provide 3D imaging for the implant area. We need to be sure that your jawbone is strong and dense enough to heal around the implants and hold them firmly in place. If all is well, we can then put together a treatment plan, and do any preparatory work, such as removing failing teeth, or straightening teeth that have drifted.

During the implant procedure, we will numb your jaw with a local anaesthetic. This will stop any pain. If you are afraid of going for dental implants in Perth, and nervous about the notion of someone drilling into the gums, you can be assured that it sounds worse than it is. We will talk about it during your consultation and you will be able to express your concerns about treatment to our dentists, who are completely non-judgemental and used to dealing with patients who have dental phobia or are nervous about treatment. It’s not unusual for nervous patients to have sedation so that they can completely relax during implant surgery.

The implant is a titanium metal screw that we put into carefully drilled channels in the jawbone. Once they are in place, the implants are left to heal and become firm in the jaw, mimicking the root of the natural tooth. We provide a temporary tooth, so you don’t have to go on feeling self-conscious while waiting to complete treatment. After about 2-4 months the crown is placed on the implant.