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Why choose Elite Perio for your dental implants in Perth?

At Elite Perio, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive package for patients who want to get dental implants in Perth. This includes an initial consultation, preparatory work where required, fitting and aftercare. Each patient is different and we want to tailor these steps to meet individual requirements.

Patient-centred communication

An important part of your initial consultation is communication with your dentist at Elite Perio. This is where we understand what your needs and priorities are. It’s also where you can get a lot of information about what it is like to get dental implants in Perth. This kind of preparation is one of the keys to having a great treatment experience. Many people find that, once they know more about the treatment process, they can relax and look forward to their new teeth.

Scans and information gathering

To plan your unique treatment, Elite Perio needs to gather information about the conditions in your mouth. This might include the number of teeth you have missing, the condition of your jawbone and other data that will tell us how many implants you might need and where they can be placed. We also need to know about your dental and medical history as well as some information about certain lifestyle factors. All of this will help us to offer you the best chance of successful implant surgery.

Fitting options

Elite Perio have several options and procedures that make dental implants in Perth accessible to more patients than ever before. Even if you have concerns about whether you will be a good candidate for dental implants, you should make an appointment to come and see a member of our team. They will be able to talk you through any options that are available to you.

Some patients, for example, can avail themselves of a solution like implant-retained dentures. These are an excellent halfway option between full dental implant surgery and traditional dentures. Many patients find that dental implants can significantly improve the quality of the denture experience. As the dental implants become anchor points for a denture, they increase the amount of bite pressure that someone can apply. They also stimulate the jawbone to prevent deterioration and declining conditions over time.