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When is it time to see the periodontist in Perth?

It’s great to have a long-standing relationship with a dentist that you can trust. One of the things that you can rely on your dentist to do is refer you to a specialist, like a periodontist in Perth, when you need a bit of extra attention for a specific dental issue. At Elite Perio, we have a periodontist who works both with patients who regularly visit the practice and with those who are referred by their regular dentist.

Why do people need to see a periodontist in Perth?

Anything that is described as ‘periodontal’ is something that is around the teeth. This includes various bone layers and nerves, which can be affected by any serious issue with the teeth. However, periodontal issues most frequently start with the gums. In fact, the common name for periodontal disease is gum disease. This is a prevalent problem for many Australians. It might start with bleeding gums or soreness, but it can quickly proceed to tooth loss, if left untreated.

In the early stages, gum disease can be managed by you at home with supporting advice from your dentist. You can also get a thorough clean and polish from the hygienist to help with this. The dentist might recommend a medicated mouthwash for a short period to rid the mouth of problematic bacteria.

If gum disease has progressed to the next stage, which is known as periodontitis, if may be time for a periodontist in Perth, from Elite Perio, to step in. In its most advanced stages, periodontitis can lead to deterioration of the gum and loose teeth. A periodontist may be able to do some reconstruction to save the gum and protect the vulnerable root area of the tooth again. If it is too late and teeth have to come out, they are able to suggest forms of tooth replacement, including dental implants.

The earlier you begin to address periodontal issues, the easier the treatment is. The longer that you leave it, the higher the chance becomes that your will need to have reconstruction or tooth replacement. It’s not worth putting off a visit because you are worried or embarrassed. At Elite Perio, we are here to help.