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What is a periodontist?

As with any medical profession, in dentistry there are different fields of study. All dentists need to complete basic training, which qualifies them as a general dentist. After this, if they wish, they can specialise. Some may train to fit braces, others might focus on the aesthetics of the smile. Others, periodontists, are concerned with the supporting structures of the teeth.

Not just gums

While we all know that our teeth are held in place by gums, a periodontist in Perth doesn’t just check our gingiva are in good health. They also look at the bone, ligaments and soft tissues supporting the teeth, as well as the tooth root.

The aim of a periodontist’s work is to prevent gum disease, wherever possible. And this is possible with regular check-ups and professional cleanings. This won’t help though if a patient isn’t also carrying out a diligent dental hygiene routine at home. So, part of what a periodontist does, is making sure their patient is clued up enough to look after their gums in between visits to the dentist’s chair.

If the disease can’t be prevented, it’s their job to diagnose and treat it, and, if the worst happens and a tooth is lost, fit dental implants.

Meet the team

At Elite Perio, our periodontist in Perth is Dr Mahnaz Syed. Mahnaz is a highly qualified dental clinician, who completed her initial five years of study at Guy’s Dental School in London in 1992. She gained her status as a periodontist in 1998 at the London Dental School. During this time, she also became a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons and received the Frank Ashley scholarship for advanced study in Periodontics.

She has been practising as a periodontist in Perth for more than 10 years and balances her practice time with being an implant tutor at the University of Western Australia.

Supporting Mahnaz on the clinical side are our two periodontal hygienists, Juney and Izabella, and our two periodontal assistants, Bozena and Alyshia. Between them they both help prevent our patients from developing gum disease, and support Mahnaz during surgical procedures.