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Ways to start your journey towards dental implants in Perth

Maybe you are ready to jump straight in and get new teeth right now or perhaps you need a gentler lead in. Whatever your needs, we hope we can meet them at Elite Perio in Perth. Dental implants are one of those treatments that can really affect the way you feel about your oral health and your life. No matter why you need treatment, we want to support you when it comes to getting dental implants in Perth.

The fact is that, while it is important that you feel fully prepared to go ahead, the sooner you get your dental implants, the easier it is likely to be to fit them. Get ahead of the changing conditions in your mouth by starting your journey with Elite Perio in one of the following ways.

Online support

Our website is specifically designed to be one of the first stages in getting dental implants in Perth. Here we have plenty of information and basic answers to some of the frequently asked questions that we here. For more detail or answers that are more tailored to you, it’s best to get in touch. We have a chat facility on our site so that you can have a preliminary conversation before booking an appointment. You can also call us direct or request a call back using our online contact form.

Your consultation

Having a consultation doesn’t compel you to go ahead with treatment. What is it likely to do though, is make you more enthusiastic and certain about the process than ever. You will start to get real numbers relating to length of treatment and cost as well as more information about the procedure itself.

Once you are face to face with a member of the team at Elite Perio, we can talk to you about any concerns you might have. We also do a thorough examination of your mouth to begin to gather the details we need for a comprehensive treatment plan. We can go through this with you and where possible adjust according to your preferences. Once it is complete and you feel informed, you can then make the decision to go ahead with dental implants in Perth.