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Types of treatment with the periodontist in Perth

At Elite Perio, we offer a range of treatments carried out by our periodontist in Perth. You can be referred for treatment for a number of issues related to the structures surrounding your teeth. We explain just a few of these below, but you can search our website for more options.

In order to adequately assess your needs, the periodontist in Perth at Elite Perio will call you in for an initial consultation. Using your notes, information from you and their own examination, they can put together a treatment plan for you to consider.

Crown lengthening

There are two reasons why you might see the periodontist in Perth for crown lengthening. The first is cosmetic. You may feel that you have a gummy smile and that your teeth have a shorter appearance than you would like. This might be the result of genetics or a health condition that has been resolved. The second reason is clinical. Sometimes, you will need a procedure that requires the base of your tooth to be exposed, especially if there is damage in this area that can only be repaired if the dentist can reach it.

In either case, you can have the gum lifted around one tooth, several teeth or across the whole gum line. If necessary, the area can be rebuilt at a later date using the procedure below.

Soft tissue graft

This is the opposite of the above and is used to repair areas where the gum has receded or to improve the cosmetic appearance of dental implants. Receded gums can cause problems such as loose teeth, sensitivity or a poor look. A soft tissue graft is where the periodontist in Perth builds up the area around the top of the tooth. The material for this is taken from either your palate or a donor source. Once it is in position, it should look and feel like normal gum tissue as the body will heal around it and incorporate it into the structure of your mouth.

If you have any questions about these or any other procedures that your can get from the periodontist, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are standing by to help.