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Teaching your teenager about gum disease in Perth

If you are a parent, you know there are many different stages when it comes to looking after your children. From complete dependence in the baby and toddler years, working all the way up to the turbulent time of independence and hormones that occurs once kids hit puberty. One of the issues that is particularly prevalent during this latter stage is giving teenagers the skills and motivation to completely take on self-care tasks that you may have been badgering them about up until now.

At Elite Perio, we want to support you when it comes to getting your teenagers to take on responsibility for their own dental health. This is a transition phase when you are still involved in their treatment, but you want them to be involved in decisions. We can offer you advice on how to approach subjects like gum disease in Perth.

Appeal to their natural vanity

For a few reasons, appearance is naturally important to children of this age. Gum disease can affect the appearance of the teeth as well as the quality of the breath. Both are detrimental to confidence if they are not well-managed. You may be able to get your teenager brushing, flossing and rinsing regularly on the strength of this issue alone.

Give them control

Gum disease in Perth in preventable through good oral hygiene. This can take a few different forms on top of regular tooth brushing. We can talk to them about their options and then, if possible, you might like to give them the choice of equipment or brands that they choose to work with.

You can also involve them in the process of booking their dental appointments. They can set a reminder on their phone or in their e-calendar for their next appointment.

Make sure they are informed

The early stages of gum disease are accompanied by several distinctive symptoms that your child can be on the lookout for. These are bleeding gums, soreness, puffiness or recession. You are probably no longer taking a good look at their teeth on a regular basis, so they are the ones who will need to report to you if they experience any issues.