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Substitute teeth with longevity

Lost teeth can be treated in a number of different ways. There are dentures and bridges, but the method that offers a great deal of stability and longevity is dental implants in Perth. This process provides new teeth that remain in the mouth like natural ones. They’re customised for a harmonious appearance and are securely anchored within the jawbone. Here at Elite Perio, we can use this technique to replace any number of missing teeth.

A meticulous procedure

You’ll start the process of having dental implants in Perth with a conversation at our practice. We’ll assess your oral health and ensure your jawbone is robust enough to receive the treatment. Some preliminary procedures might be necessary to ensure you’re prepared for the next step. We’ll also use 3D images of your teeth in the creation of a meticulous treatment plan.

The implants are small metal posts, resembling tiny screws, which our dentist places into your jawbone during a minor operation. A brief rest period follows this, after which you’ll return to us to have the new teeth securely attached to the implanted posts.

Dental benefits

Dental implants in Perth improve your day-to-day dental functioning in several ways:

  • Your jawbone will develop a secure bond with the implants, so the new teeth can perform as well as natural ones. You can bite into all your favourite foods again;

  • There’s no need to remove the new teeth from your mouth at all;

  • They’re fully customised to fit in with your existing dental appearance;

  • Helped by the implants, your facial bones will maintain their integrity, so you won’t develop the sunken appearance that can happen when missing teeth are not replaced;

  • Words and phrases that were tricky to pronounce could become easier to say, because the implants are strong and stable.

An all-round transformation

Dental implants in Perth make changes to your life that will last for a long time after you’ve completed the treatment. As long as you care for these user-friendly replacement teeth properly, they could be with you for decades. Our team welcomes any queries you may have about the advantages of this treatment in your particular case.