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Solutions for gums in poor condition

Gum disease is a preventable problem that can often develop due to poor standards of oral hygiene. If you’re worried about bleeding in your mouth when you brush your teeth, you should see a periodontist in Perth immediately. Breath that smells unusual, gums that feel swollen, and loose teeth are also causes for real concern. At Elite Perio, we have a range of treatments to bring your gums back into great condition. Our well-established services are available for anyone who needs a periodontist in Perth.

What can a periodontist in Perth do for the gums?

Having treatment at a periodontist in Perth can help you to keep the teeth you’re in danger of losing. Gum disease can take hold when the teeth are not properly cleaned. Bacteria soon begin to cling to the surfaces of the teeth underneath the gums. A hard layer, called tartar or calculus, then forms. As well as being difficult to remove, this layer emits toxins that damage the gum tissues. If you leave it untreated for long enough, you’ll be in serious danger of losing a tooth.

Improving oral health at the periodontist in Perth

We often perform soft tissue grafts on the gums. We first apply a local anaesthetic to help you feel comfortable, and then take soft tissues from inside your mouth. In some cases, we use a donor source instead of this. Then we apply the tissues to the damaged gums, which helps them to re-establish themselves. This will give you a smile with more aesthetic balance, as well as reduce the sensitivity of teeth that might have been causing discomfort.

One thing to remember is that you shouldn’t wait for something to start worrying you before you come to see us. We can always assess the condition of your oral health, and give you up-to-date advice on the best ways of avoiding gum disease.

Replacement teeth

By using dental implants, we can replace any teeth you may have lost. Our implants are tiny titanium posts that we place into your jawbone. They provide a stable anchor for the substitute teeth, which are securely attached to them at the periodontist in Perth.