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Should you be worried if you need to see a periodontist in Perth?

At Elite Perio, we do our best to ensure that you are not worried about anything that happens while we are taking care of you. We do this by offering relaxing surroundings, a friendly team and as much information as you need to feel comfortable, regardless of the treatment you are having.

If you have been referred to a periodontist in Perth, it just means that your regular dentist here, or at another dentist, feels like your oral health might benefit from the attention of someone who is trained to focus in a single area of dentistry. In this case, that are is the supporting structures of your teeth. These include the gums, nerves and internal bone structure.

Visiting a periodontist in Perth may not mean that you have a serious issue, but it does mean that you might need more complex treatment than a regular dentist is able to offer. A periodontist usually works solely in the area they have had special training in, so gums and so on are always at the centre of their practice.

What will happen at the periodontist in Perth?

There are lots of issues that a periodontist can help with, so your treatment plan might take several different forms. Your dentist will often work in concert with the periodontist to ensure you have continuity of care.

You will have an initial, exploratory appointment with the periodontist to check on your particular issue and decide what will happen next. This may involve more than one plan. If you have, for example, advanced periodontitis or gum disease, they may want to do some treatment for the ongoing issue and also some restoration or repair to any damage already present.

Once you have completed your treatment with the periodontist, you will be returned to the care of your normal dentist. Before you go, they will provide you with information to take care of your teeth or any work you have had done. This will help to prevent the reoccurrence of any issues.

If you have any questions about the work of our periodontist or think they might be someone you should visit, get in touch with us at Elite Perio or speak to your regular dentist.