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Replace lost teeth with dental implants in Perth

If you have lost teeth, you are probably researching the best ways to replace them and have come across dental implants in Perth. Maybe you even know someone who has had their lost teeth replaced with dental implants. You probably know several people in fact but have no idea that some of their teeth are restoration crowns on dental implants. They are so realistic and stable in the mouth that most people pretty much forget about them once they are in and they have integrated with the jawbone.

That’s a far cry from the other options. Dentures tend to restrict what you can eat because they only give about a quarter of the chewing power of natural teeth. They generally start to wobble around after a while as the gums and jawbone beneath them shrinks back. Fixed bridges are more secure, but they mean having two perfectly good teeth ground to be used as buttresses, so you lose more teeth to replace the ones already lost. Plus, both dentures and bridges need replacing every 5-10 years. Dental implants in Perth should last you at least 15 years. If you take really good care of them, there’s no reason why the implant section should last longer even if you do need to have the crown component replaced.

Here at Elite Perio, there are five stages to getting dental implants in Perth.

The consultation is to find out whether your jawbone is strong enough to take implants. If not, you may need a bone graft or other treatment to augment the bone. This is also when we work out where to place the implants for maximum stability.

Preliminary treatment involves removing teeth or treating gum disease, getting you ready for surgery.

The surgery takes place under local anaesthetic and you can also have sedation. We put a temporary tooth on before you leave.

Osseointegration is the period where the implants integrate with the jawbone. This usually takes 4-8 weeks.

Attachment is where your custom-made crowns are attached to the implants with a connecting component called an abutment. One dental implant can support up to three teeth on a bridge.