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Promoting healthy gums

If you find traces of blood during your everyday tooth brushing routine, or after you’ve flossed, you could be looking at the onset of gum disease in Perth. Having bad breath, gums that feel swollen, and teeth that wobble when you push them are also signs that you need to seek professional treatment. Here at Elite Perio, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions to tackle the problems of gum disease in Perth.

Hygiene and health

Gum disease in Perth can develop even when you think you’re brushing your teeth properly. Traces of bacteria left on the teeth can go under gaps between the teeth and gums and proliferate, forming a hard layer called tartar, or calculus. This layer produces its own toxins, which cause serious damage to the gums, and can lead to them detaching from the tooth.

Solutions for gum disease in Perth

One of the ways we treat advanced gum disease is by using tissue grafts. In this process, we apply a local anaesthetic to the affected areas, and remove tissues from your palate before applying them to the gums. This restorative work can get your gums looking and feeling normal again.

When you visit us regularly, we can prevent gum disease in Perth from reaching the point where it worries you by damaging your mouth. We can assess your oral health and provide advice on how to keep your teeth and gums clean. Our knowledge and experience allow us to detect worrying changes well before you could notice them yourself.

Help for missing teeth

If you don’t give gum disease in Perth the treatment it requires, you’re in danger of losing one or more teeth. For people who’ve already lost a tooth, we can provide dental implants. These fully-functioning replacement teeth will form a strong bond with your jawbone, which allows you to use them in the same way you used your natural ones. They’re customised to fit in with your existing dental situation, and they can last for decades as long as you look after them properly.

Our welcoming team of dental professionals is always happy to discuss any aspect of gum disease that concerns you.