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Preventing oral health problems

Many people become worried when they notice blood in the mouth after they’ve brushed their teeth, or used dental floss. If you’ve experienced something like this, you could have developed gum disease in Perth. Bad-smelling breath, swollen gums, and loose teeth can also be causes for major concern. Things like this require professional treatment. At Elite Perio, we offer a wide range of solutions to prevent serious oral health problems.

Cleaning and brushing

Gum disease in Perth often develops unexpectedly. It happens when harmful bacteria stick to the surface of the teeth around the gums. Here it forms a layer, known by the names of calculus, or tartar. It starts to emit toxins, which erode the soft gum tissues that surround it. This often causes the gums to detach from the tooth or recede.

Positive adjustments

One method of treating advanced gum recession is by grafting tissues onto the gums from other locations within the mouth. We do this using a local anaesthetic, and afterwards you’ll notice an improvement in the appearance of your smile, as well as in the feel of your gums.

It’s important to have regular treatment, even if you don’t suspect you have gum disease in Perth. At regular visits, we can examine your gums and teeth for early indications of troublesome changes. With our knowledge, experience, and technology, we can spot such early changes much sooner than you can see them at home. Our contemporary oral hygiene advice will then help you to keep gum disease in Perth at bay.

Replacing missing teeth

If you don’t seek treatment for gum disease in Perth, you’re at serious risk of losing your teeth. If one or more of your teeth are already missing, we can replace them with dental implants. These long-lasting substitute teeth fully integrate with the bone in your jaw, so you can use them just like natural teeth. They’re highly customised and easy to care for. Provided you clean them properly, they can last for decades.

While gum disease in Perth can seem like a worrying topic, our easy-going team is always happy to tactfully discuss any oral health concerns you may have.