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Preventing and treating gum disease

If you’ve noticed your gums bleed when you brush your teeth, this is a classic sign of gum disease. Bad breath, swollen gums, and teeth that feel loose are also associated with serious conditions like gingival recession. At Elite Perio, we provide a range of contemporary treatments for people seeking a periodontist in Perth. A visit to our friendly practice will ensure your teeth and gums receive a high level of professional care.

Reasons to visit the periodontist in Perth

Ignoring the signs of gum disease can lead to the loss of your teeth. Gum disease develops because bacteria under the gums can stick to the root surfaces of the teeth. It eventually forms a hard layer, called calculus or tartar, which begins to produce toxins. These toxins slowly destroy the surrounding tissues, causing the gums to detach from the teeth and recede.

Treatment at a periodontist in Perth

We frequently perform soft tissue grafts for people whose gums are receding. This procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic. We’ll take pieces of soft tissue from your palate, or a donor source, and use it to restore your gum line. This will increase the aesthetic appeal of your smile, and might reduce the unwanted sensitivity of your teeth.

You don’t need to wait until you’re worried before you visit us. We can provide up-to-date advice on oral hygiene, based on the latest industry research, to help you prevent gum disease at home.

Replacing lost teeth

We can also replace any teeth you’ve lost. We do this using dental implants. In this procedure, we place small, screw-like titanium posts into your jawbone. Then, after a period of healing, we securely attach replacement teeth to the posts. The new teeth are precisely customised to meet your needs, and they stay in your mouth just like natural teeth. As long as you look after them properly, they can stay with you for decades.

Improved outlook

Visiting the periodontist in Perth gives you access to a variety of treatments that will help to keep your teeth and gums free from disease. We’re always happy to discuss any concerns you may have about your oral health.