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Peri - Implantitis

Peri-implantitis is an inflammatory disease which affects dental implants, in a similar way in which periodontitis affects the teeth. Inflammation and infection from peri-implantitis around implants causes bone loss which risks the implant becoming too infected to remain in the jaw and thus having to be surgically removed.

Unfortunately the signs and symptoms when per-implantitis starts are very few, in fact most times patients do not realise it is happening at all. This is because dental implants, unlike teeth, have no self defence mechanisms which allow early detection. Rates of peri-implantitis are on the increase and this is linked to the increase in dental implants which are placed by inexperienced practitioners. The cause of peri-implantitis is linked to habits such as cigarette smoking, impacted foods and lack of good oral hygiene help to initiate the problems. Regular reviews and maintenance (cleaning of the implants by a dental professional) of dental implants have been scientifically proven to reduce the experience and development of peri-implantitis and ultimately help to retain the dental implants as healthy tooth replacements for many years.