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Keeping gum disease in Perth at bay

One of the main reasons we are encouraged to brush our teeth morning and night, alongside avoiding smelly morning breath, is to prevent the build-up of plaque and tartar and so decrease our risk of getting gum disease in Perth.

As well as brushing and flossing the teeth regularly, to keep plaque at bay and ensure you are in optimum oral health, it is important to attend regular check-ups at the dentist in Perth. Gum disease symptoms include bleeding when brushing the teeth and unusual sensations in the gums such as itchiness, swelling and soreness. The check-up is a chance for you to tell the dentist of any troubling signs you’ve noticed in the mouth.

Here at Elite Perio, we thoroughly examine your teeth, gums, tongue and cheeks to spot signs of early gum disease. We will also be able to clean the mouth, getting rid of any hidden bits of plaque that the toothbrush has missed, and advise on a more efficient cleaning technique.

How to treat gum disease in Perth

Gum disease is not unusual, and most people have some degree of gum disease in their lives. It is generally more common in adults than children. It can appear when people slack on brushing and flossing their teeth, are going through a lot of stress, aren’t getting enough sleep, or have a weak immune system.

Gum disease in Perth can often creep up on you. At first, it may seem like nothing to worry about and you may assure yourself it will pass. While this may sometimes be the case, gum disease can often be deeper than it appears and can quickly become more serious. We can measure the state of your gum disease by examining the pockets, colour, and firmness of the gums as well as the bite of the teeth.

To eliminate late stages of gum disease, we remove the calculus (hardened plaque) and infected soft tissue from the root of the teeth. If after treatment, the gum disease remains, the dentist may have to adjust the teeth, gently pushing away the gums to find the root of the problem and asses if the bone needs to be adjusted.