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How to boost your confidence with dental implants in Perth

Going for dental implants in Perth is likely to improve your overall confidence, from how you feel about your smile, to your trust in the function of your mouth to properly chew and digest foods.

The teeth function as a set, and when one or more are missing, it can affect the mouth’s overall function and health. Gaps in the mouth can look unsightly, but more importantly they can have a serious effect on your long-term oral health. The remaining teeth are not set in stone, and they will eventually move into the empty space. This then leads to all the complications involved with having misaligned teeth such as increased difficulty in cleaning, risk of building up plaque and therefore gum disease, and speech and eating impediments.

But all hope is not lost! One popular way to fill the gap before the teeth have a chance to do so is by going for dental implants in Perth. Here at Elite Perio, we provide a long-lasting treatment to restore your smile and get your oral health back on track.

How do dental implants work?

One of the reasons many people favour dental implants over alternative treatment to restoring gaps in the teeth, is the long lasting and preventive nature of the procedure. The tooth is supported on its own, and doesn’t rely on the surrounding teeth, unlike bridges where the neighbouring teeth are ground down to take buttress crowns.

Dental implants are also said to be more comfortable than dentures, as dentures can fit poorly and get food caught in them. Dental implants are made to resemble natural teeth as closely as possible. They are not removeable, being permanently attached to the replacement tooth root.

The first stage of going for dental implants in Perth is going for a check-up with us. We will be able to examine the jaw and see if there is enough bone to support the implant. If it is and you are in general good oral health, you should be suitable for treatment. The implant is then placed in the jaw, left to integrate with the jawbone, which takes 2-4 months. The crown is placed onto the implant.