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Getting to grips with your gums

If you’ve ever tried planting a big plant in a tiny pot, you’ll know how it doesn’t end well. Plants need a sturdy foundation to secure their roots. Your teeth do too. Healthy gums keep them upright and strong, ready for the daily task of eating, chewing and talking. When your gums start to fail, your teeth are soon to follow. There is help at hand with our periodontist in Perth, Dr Mahnaz Syed, at Elite Perio.

When your gums are in distress, we’ll take care of it, so that you can keep on smiling with a full set of pearly whites. Here’s how:

Gingivitis, be gone

When gum disease starts, it is known as gingivitis. Your gums are sore, red, swollen and maybe even bleeding and shrinking back. You may also have persistent bad breath, which won’t go away no matter how much you clean your teeth.

When you see our periodontist in Perth, she’ll check the state of your gums, looking at their colour and firmness, as well as your teeth, checking how loose they are. She’ll measure how far your gums have shrunk back from your teeth and the gaps that have developed between your teeth and gums.

Then comes the cleaning stage. Using special equipment she will get rid of the bacteria that has caused your gum disease. This will be done under local anaesthetic to keep you comfortable. Over the next 8-12 weeks she will check that your gums are re-attaching to your teeth.

Periodontitis, pack your bags

Gum disease in its more advanced stages is known as periodontitis. The tissues around your teeth are now inflamed too. Your jawbone and ligaments are starting to feel the effects of gum disease. Your teeth may have shifted, your bite may no longer line up properly and eating may very well be painful now.

Our periodontist in Perth will clean your gums and get into those deep pockets between your teeth and gums where harmful bacteria is doing its damage. But you might need more treatment. If the gums don’t re-attach, our periodontist will surgically remove any obstacles that are stopping your gums from doing so. This can be done under local or general anaesthesia.

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