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Effective treatment for gum disease

If your gums bleed after you brush your teeth, this is one of the warning signs of gum disease. Bad breath, loose teeth, and swollen gums are signs that you might have a serious problem like gingival recession. At Elite Perio, we offer a wide range of effective treatments for people who need a periodontist in Perth. At our friendly contemporary practice, we’ll ensure your teeth and gums get the care they deserve.

Why visit the periodontist in Perth?

If you ignore the warning signs of gum disease, you risk losing your teeth. Diseases develop because bacteria underneath the gums adhere to the surfaces of the teeth. Eventually, a hard layer forms. This layer, known as tartar or calculus, begins to produce toxins that gradually destroy the gum tissues, causing them to come away from the teeth and recede.

Procedures at the periodontist in Perth

We often perform grafts of soft tissues for people with receding gums. In this procedure, we’ll first apply a local anaesthetic. Then we’ll take soft tissue from your palate, or another donor source, and use it to restore your gum line. This can reduce the over-sensitivity of your teeth, while it increases your smile’s aesthetic appeal.

There’s no need to wait for a warning sign before you come to visit us. We’ll examine your oral health and give you advice on how to maintain great oral hygiene, so you can be sure those warning signs won’t appear in the first place.

Replacing missing teeth at the periodontist in Perth

If you’ve lost one or more teeth, we can replace them using dental implants. We’ll place small posts, resembling tiny screws, into your jawbone. After a short rest, we’ll then securely affix replacement teeth to these posts. You’ll have new teeth that function just like the ones you lost. You can bite into your favourite foods again, without worrying the teeth might fall out. Provided you care for them properly, the new teeth will last for decades.

Better future

Going to the periodontist in Perth will help to keep your teeth and gums free from disease. We can raise your overall standard of oral health, and reduce any worries you might have about your dental future.

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