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Are you genetically predisposed to gum disease in Perth?

Gum disease is something that affects most adults at some point during their lives. We are told over and over to take care of our teeth and visit the dentist regularly. Most people manage to fit brushing in once or twice and day and the occasional visit to a dentist. What if, even with this effort or more, you are still prone to cavities and gum disease? The fault could lie with your genes and therefore be beyond your control.

At Elite Perio, we keep up with the latest research when it comes to gum disease in Perth so that you have the benefit of the most informed support with your dental issues.

How do you know?

There is no particular way to tell, without genetic testing, if you have a predisposition towards gum disease. In Perth, at Elite Perio, we keep diligent records and offer you excellent care advice. If it looks like you are experiencing a relatively high number of issues while following our guidance, it could indicate something deeper going on.

What difference does it make to your treatment?

It will be extra important for you to manage any dental issues and to keep up to date with your regular appointments. While there is nothing that can currently be done to change the underlying predisposition, there is plenty of action we can take to protect the integrity of your teeth. We can create a treatment plan that takes advantage of the preventive measures that we have as well as addressing issues as they arise.

Gum disease in Perth is an issue that doesn’t need to take over your life or affect the functionality and look of your teeth. With a proper management plan and the restorative resources that we offer at Elite Perio, you can keep on top of your oral health and prevent tooth loss.

The future

Dentistry is a constantly evolving industry. As research progresses, there’s always a chance that more can be done to positively impact the health of your teeth even if you do have a genetic predisposition to gum disease. Watch this space and we’ll let you know about any exciting developments at they happen.